Welcome to Bob Cut

Bob Cut is a San Francisco culture platform and magazine that speaks to living, loving, and being in the best city on the west coast.

Bob Cut is a website dedicated to San Francisco as it explores the aspects of Bay Area living, eating, and being. Started by Anthony Rogers in 2015, the site has grown into a top online destination to read about subjects that make SF the best of the west. Known for articles on Bay Area business and people, Bob Cut editors sit down with everyone from Shaun Livingston to Catherine Kwong to talk life, career, and what the city means to them today.

In 2016, the site became it’s printed counterpart; Bob Cut Mag, a modern guide to what’s happening in the Bay Area made by editors who have a profound love for the city beside the ocean. As the editorial arm of the online platform, Bob Cut is a space where readers can come not only to learn about themselves, but to celebrate their own approach to people, places, and topics they love the most.

Bob Cut is based in San Francisco, with contributors and readers all over California.


Bob Cut's Core Values

Content is king.

The way we deliver content to the Bay Area is vastly different of our competitors. We deliver an experience to readers that is honest, well-written, and continues to push narrative in the Bay Area sense.

Community is life blood.

From day one to day 365, we believe our readers are integral influencers. Whether they have 14.K followers or 400 followers, their voices are unique to us and we value their insight. 

Team is family.

Whether you start at Bob Cut as an intern or as an executive, we're all one unit. We make decisions together, we celebrate together, and we crunch together. As a family should.



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