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Welcome To Our Family

At Bob Cut, we make sure content we make, produce, and execute informs a wider net of doyens in the Bay Area. If you would like to get to know us? You can read more on our about page: this covers our history, our core values, and our current roster of team members.


When you write for Bob Cut, you are essentially tapping your writing skills into a community of like-minded readers. Freelance writers are treated like staff and are never an after-thought. Pitch: chris@bobcutmag.com.


Still in school, looking for better experience and want to jump-start your publishing career with hands-on experience? Bob Cut is seeking fantastic interns / editorial assistants to start in January, May, and August.

If you’re in the know about what’s happening all over the Bay Area and are a student currently enrolled in classes, you could be a part of our team.

Interns are part of a small editorial team and work very closely with staff. They assist with research, produce online posts, coordinate with the editor in chief and managing editor, help with administrative tasks, and support general editorial assistance. You’ll be exposed to many different aspects of working in publishing. Bob Cut works remotely and in off-site offices. Interns would be required to attend bi-weekly editorial meetings with the team or clientele on location in San Francisco.


Photography interns—Sharpen your skillset with assignments based in the editorial and still life fields. Photo interns will be sent on assignment in a variety of sets from small to big to capture exclusive Bob Cut material. You will also work one-on-one with the editor in chief on your digital presence and gain a sense of scale of work in the San Francisco Bay Area. // Email Tin Dinh, tin@bobcutmag.com

Writing interns—When it comes to editorial, fiction, and copywriting—have your voice be heard on a platform that celebrates individual expression with the power of digital and print media. Writing interns work closely with our managing editor to select pitches, work on assigned stories, interview high profile locals, and output meaningful content to our strong readerbase. // Email Isabella Welch, isabella@bobcutmag.com

Social media interns—Have a passion for creating content that lives particularly on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. We're recently opened up this catagory to strong mobile savvy denizens who know how to talk the talk. You'll be working with our heading of marketing and editor in chief to help build, vet, and mold the Bob Cut social brand. We appeal to 20K+ followers and you will be in the front seat of Bay Area social influencing. // Email Anthony Rogers, anthony@bobcutmag.com

Design interns—Tell the story of Bob Cut's ethos through creative and forward-thinking design. You will be engaged in a number of projects ranging from graphics, to web, to print, and other offline design activations. You will work closely with our digital designer to create work that's true to your design mind but solving a multitude of challenges in a fast pace environment. // Email Tin Dinh, tin@bobcutmag.com

The positions are unpaid and have a minimum 5 to 10-hour weekly commitment (for any class credit candidates, we can adjust the hours accordingly to match your school's requirements). Whether it be working from home, assisting at photo shoots, or interviewing people of interest. Our interns must have strong writing, grammatical, and organizational skills. A wonderful sense of communication and a know how on living life to the best of your ability in the City and greater Bay Area is an added bonus.