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Issue 7

Issue 7


Locals make the Bay Area a much more livable place. So let’s honor the spirit.

Say hello to Bob Cut’s issue 7. You may have noticed that this issue is a small digest, well if you harken back to issue 2—A small pocket issue that lends a more focused view on subjects we want to share with you.

What makes this specialized you ask? Issue 7 is our locals only issue. All interviews with teams and individuals spanning art, agriculture, beauty, sports, and even just regular citizens. Interviews you can expect are:

  • Vincent Guan

  • Yuka Ioroi

  • Stephen Satterfield

  • Justine Kahn

  • fnnch

  • Johnny Irwin

  • George McCalman

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— Cover by George McCalman, “A Walk with Michele and Leslie.”

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