1208 Studio Releases Newest Lookbook 'Fluid' — For The Gender Nonconforming

Photography by Claire Li, garments by 1208 Studio

Photography by Claire Li, garments by 1208 Studio

What we love about SF and how it relates to style is that it's for everyone. Small, tall, male, female, large, or thin—your mold can easily take shape in this Bay Area environment. 1208 Studio, a new-ish design space to hit the SF fashion scene is making sure that those who feel fluid in their life, fashion, and personal choices are well equipped to look effortlessly chic.

1208 studio is recognized as a vibrant design team of a much younger generation. Their focus is to bring free experiences through garments that relate to a millennial customer. The unstrained creativity from the brand's DNA embraces each step of their multi-designer collaborations.

Led by Tzu-I Chiu, a local fashion design student, 1208 Studio was founded last year as a need for a selection of unnamed styles of clothing. The name 1208 represents the simple designs featured by this young group of designers. After 3 months of design and manufacturing, the team successfully completed its first project: Translation. A memoir about coming from the past into the future.

The name of collection, 'Fluid', comes from ideology of "gender fluid". The portrayal of gender roles is unexpectedly nontraditional or androgynous in mainstream media — Fluid was born out of this sensationalized gap. Rooted from the free love culture in San Francisco, this collection is dedicated to creating an aesthetic of “genderless" easy-to-wear pieces that suit every shape. Enabling this concept creates a community of those who also find the need for expressionless clothing that can mold to a person's personality. 

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