Hot Chocolate Lovers Rejoice—4 Spots To Get Warm In The Cold Rain

Hot Chocolate Lovers Rejoice—4 Spots To Get Warm In The Cold Rain

Staying warm is the game and these cafe's not only serve excellent brews but hot chocolates a grandma's secret recipe could match. Happy sipping.

Photo via SF Eater

Photo via SF Eater

Mazarine Cafe

One could say that Persian style is not alive in San Francisco, others would slap the notion out of the person's mind and quickly reference Mazarine Cafe on Market as one of their go-to spots. Among their hearty lunch options and pour-over's that could caffeinate a sloth, we opt in for their tall cup of hot chocolate that has a richness that brings you instantly to a warm rainy night in Paris. Au Revior! // 720 Market St, Market,

Photo via Timeout!

Photo via Timeout!

Coffee Bar

This dog patch / mission spot is where all the cool kids hang. Sporting local art on a constant rotation, there is always something to see. A deck of muffin with a variety of flavors and ice coffees to keep you set - their hot chocolate is smooth and very understated. I mean, who doesn't like a dark chocolate brew with a frosty whip. // 1890 Bryant St, Dogpatch,

Photo by  Alex Washburn

Photo by Alex Washburn


In life, size doesn't matter. Andytown in the Sunset however uses their space to their fullest advantage. Even though you may find little to no seating in the joint, their array of beans can keep you caffeinated and in your seat. Their uncaffinated concoctions however are milky smooth with a bite that dances around the taste buds. They aren't joking with this cup of HC. //  3655 Lawton St, Outer Sunet,

Photos by  Molly DeCoudreaux  for

Photos by Molly DeCoudreaux for

Snowbird Coffee

An inner sunset community fave, Snowbird on 9th Ave has been keeping up with the must-have trends of the season. Think: satirical Yeezy inspired shirts, collaborations with local artists, and most recently-a store revamp to improve seating for their many coffee consumers. Their hot chocolate is a decedent mixture between chocolate and milk spun perfectly to satiate any sweet tooth. ️️️// 1352 9th Ave, Inner Sunset,

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