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4 San Francisco Food Lines You’ll Want To Wait In

Anthony Rogersfood

If you know anything about food culture, you’ll know that lines for any type of bites in the Bay Area are the common hate toward those who stand in and out of it. But if the food is extremely delish, why not indulge right? Make a friend or two and be patient because these lines are well worth it.

Craftsman & Wolves // 746 Valencia St

This line forms sporadically and without notice, one minute you’re by yourself and the next your head of the pack. The mind behind the wolves, pastry-whiz William Werner serves egg-filled muffins, bonbons, coffee + much more to the crowds he brings. Go ahead and grab a classic Rebel Within from the counter, if you’re a fan of egg then this is the treat for you. // Line Wait: 3-5 Minutes

Tartine Bakery // 600 Guerrero St

The forefathers of lines, Tartine Bakery has accepted the fact that their lines are out of control but also bring the brightest people from miles around. Baked with only organic ingredients, this hot spot bakery provides the makings for breakfast pastries, hot pressed sandwiches + an array of coffee. If you can make it to the front without giving up, snagging a classic cinnamon roll is an ample reward for your patience. // Line Wait: 9-11 Minutes

Mensho Ramen // 672 Geary St

The newest line queens on the block, Mensho took the ramen community by storm offering an American spin-off of Tokyo’s standout ramen brand. With bowls of deliciousness at almost the size of a small child, getting a hearty meal here is an understatement. Slurp on a bowl of Tori Paitan and let the food coma take you. // Line Wait: 30-40 Minutes

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse // 1042 Larkin St

If the phrase “I got baked in San Francisco” doesn’t ring a bell, let us refresh your memory. Possibly the longest line in downtown San Francisco, Mr. Holmes has pioneered the infusion and crossbreeding of all baked goods. I mean, a Cruffin? Yes, we mean it. If you’re willing to wait in line, go ahead and bring friends because the photo op inside is literally to die for. Also, while we’re on the subject of Cruffin, go ahead and get a dozen. Might as well for the wait that ensues. // Line Wait: 10-15 Minutes

Written by Anthony Rogers, Images sourced from the Tartine, CAW, Mensho, and MrHolmesBakehouse tags on Instagram. But here’s the thing though, would you wait in line for a cup of $15 dollar coffee?

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