4 Under Hyped Bay Area Gems: SHOP, EAT + DRINK, PAMPER, & PLAY


With the newest of ‘things-to-do’ popping up in the city daily, these class act bay area gems shine as the city’s top underwhelmed destinations. Go forth, be chic, and explore daily.

As you start the day, we tend to gravitate towards the pieces and accessories we are most fond of. Whether it be a ring, a bracelet, or a necklace - toting your chicest bling around town can make your day go from 0 to 100 pretty quick. To help fill the void, the romantic minds over at Ruben Loves Me keeps the girl-on-the-go effortless and stylish. Whether you’re a bold metals type of gal or someone who’s more drawn to minimal sophistication, making your way through the day is as simple as solving world hunger, we kid, so time to slap on your hardware and head out the door, a full day of sightseeing is ahead of us.


EAT + DRINK // Saint Frank Coffee at 2340 Polk St, San Francisco

Probably the most packed of these gems, Saint Frank coffee is the place to unwind and take a moment to breathe. With all their grounds grinded fresh daily, getting the perfect cup of coffee every time is a no-brainier. Let the hours pass you by as your iced coffee gets even icier. // Drink: Little Brother Espresso


PAMPER // Aeseop on 2450 Fillmore St, San Francisco

Looking for luxe skincare at the fraction of the cost? Look no further because Aeseop on Fillmore has a selection for every budget. Shopping for both genders? No need to fret as their line expands into men’s grooming and skincare products. A one stop beauty bonanza. // Pamper: Rind Concentrate Body Balm


PLAY // Tender on 854 Geary St, San Francisco

The perfect spot for the wine-o in you, from sea to shining sea, their selection is probably your one stop destination for the Sonoma traveler in you. Anything from rich to sour to sweet and all things in between, Tender on Geary is the hole in the wall you want to stay at through the evening. // Play: Blackbird  2013 “Arriviste” – Napa, Rosé 


SHOP // Everlane on 2170 Folsom St, San Francisco

Need that perfect summer dress or the button that goes with basically everything? Everlane on Folsom has been pioneering the basic wear since inception. Every shade of gray imaginable, the quaint SF bellwether is sure to spruce up the business person in you. Chicly of course. // Shop: The Square Silk Shirt

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