7 Bay Area Perfumers You Need To Know About


Scent — a powerful way to make a first and sometimes last impression, coming in for that hug or handshake with a person you haven’t met and knowing them based on their perfume or cologne is a real thing. Make a good first impression and give a sniff to these local Bay Area perfumeries.


Congoscenti // cogno-scenti.com

A scent tailored to the working woman (or man), Cognoscenti strives to provide a universal scent that appeals to a wide variety of noses. Their collection celebrates the cognoscenti. They are connoisseurs, talented and passionate about what they do. They are the young and the young at heart, those who are interesting and interested, cultured and culturally curious. This brand truly celebrates millennial upbrings and boasts the best tastes.

Bruno Fazzolari // brunofazzolari.com

Handcrafted in small batches, this rising perfume star is taking the scent world in the realm of art. Producing idiosyncratic and uncanny scents that revisit classic styles with contemporary twists, Bruno Fazzolari’s mind explores all facets of art, science, and the ability to create unforgettable smells.


Mikmoi // mikmoi.com

A fragrance that romanticizes the best qualities of Japanese and French scent together under one beautifully curated umbrella. Designer and tastemaker, Mik Moi, spanned the reigns of Asia balancing the multitude of aromas that presented themselves. His work challenges stereotypes, orientations, and perspectives; “Don’t ever be afraid to be different, to choose your own path and to be true to yourself.” Mik studied natural perfumery with Mandy Aftel and the art of Aromascapes with Yosh Han; he is self-taught in the use of aroma molecules.


Ineke // ineke.com

Studying the theory, science, and psychology of perfumery — founder Ineke Ruhland began her studies in 1996 under the wing of ISIPCA in France. Whilst training, her innate love of capturing the moment resulted in her famed Field Notes scents. Her travels and studies led her to the Bay Area where she started to perfect her craft and become a household name in the San Francisco makers circle. All in all, she’s a fabulous perfumer and not owning a single one of her bottles is a crime in itself.


Yosh // eaudeyosh.com

Developing perfumes since 1994, Yosh has stayed a Bay Area bellwether in the scent scene for many a year. Growing up with a botanical background, the philosophy behind Yosh is that no one is classified or filed into a box based on their likes or dislikes — the beauty of perfumery is the adventure of leading one to a scent that truly resonates with them. Using both natural essences and scientific-based materials, the feelings you’ll feel from their impressive line are one to be classified as energetic.


L’Aromatica // laromaticaperfume.com

Truly taking notes from all points of the bay, L’Aromatica is bottling and exhibiting the fascinating scents of Northern California — namely Big Sur, Pacifica, and more. Their perfumes are created using a lush palette of essential oils, absolutes, handmade tinctures, resins, CO2s, and key accords. Each formula is complex and contains an extensive assortment of rare and precious ingredients. Can we eucalyptus? Enough said.

Mirus // tigerlilyperfumery.com/mirus

Great things come in small packages and Mirus is one that aims to please. Channeling the wax-stamp-pirate realness, the scent is niche but really sets apart of the true lovers of citrus aromas. For those who want to smell like a summer breeze on the french riviera, we’re pretty sure this scent will be for you.


// All scents and perfumes can be shopped and beloved at Tigerlily Perfumery of Valencia (977 Valencia St) — Antonia Kohl will happily lead you down the cognoscente rabbit hole.

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