826Valencia Opens New Tutoring Center in The Heart of the Tenderloin


Bringing the innovation of exploration to the heart of the Tenderloin, 826Valencia proudly debuts for hundreds of guests their newest digs & the kids absolutely love it. From liquor store to psychic readings to now a full-service center for the youth — the history of 180 Golden Gate ave is now immortalized in the right light. Let our youth learn!

Once a former liquor store (that I use to frequent when I lived in the area) that drew the wrong type of crowd, has been reinvented and offers the children of De Marillac Academy, the Boys & Girls Club Tenderloin Clubhouse, Glide, the Tenderloin Community School and Bessie Carmichael Elementary School a space in their community to come and just to be kids.

Of course, the staff and volunteers of 826Valencia didn’t rush into this expansion blindly, they have been working diligently for over a year to completely refurbish the space, connect to the locals of the community and establish their presence among the families in the nearby area.

Scroll through to see 826Valencia’s new pad — it’s pretty astonishing.

// Bita Nazarian, the executive officer of 826Valencia, giving an opening speech before the ribbon cutting.


// The lobby space


// Details of the lobby space.


// The main hall where attendee’s got to take part in delish eats and let their inner child run wild.

// An interior from the Golden Gate Ave side of 826′s main hall.

// Inside the kids tunnel in the main hall. (If you’re an adult knee walking through these tunnels we suggest wearing knee pads or full-length pants.)

// Supervisor Jane Kim (middle right) standing with the mayor’s representatives and 826′s executive board.

// For those who’d like to get involved in the program as it moves forward, there’s still time to support 826’s Indiegogo campaign—which aims to raise $40,000 within the next month—or apply to volunteer.

Written and photographed by Anthony Rogers — Check out what the community has to offer. Need a few go-to’s this weekend? Head over to our events guide.

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