After Colliding With A Car, This Cyclist Woke Up In The Hospital — To A Traffic Citation

The last thing Justin Liszanckie remembers of his bike ride on July 19 is heading west on Brannan to turn south on Fourth. “It wasn’t until a few hours later, getting my ear sutured back together, that I remember anything else,” he tells SFist.

Liszanckie collided with a car — or the reverse, or some combination of the two — causing a litany of critical injuries, as he originally told Streetsblog: “Three broken bones around the orbit of my right eye. Extensive lacerations on the right side of my face and ear. A fourth fracture in my right side nasal bone. Two broken vertebrae on the right side of neck, two broken ribs, a broken right pelvis.”

With a number of San Francisco cyclists killed in similar collisions recently, Liszanckie feels lucky to be alive. Other than that, he doesn’t feel like he’s had much luck at all.

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Written by Caleb Pershan for SFist and reposted to Bob Cut Mag by Anthony Rogers.

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