A Greener Alamo Square Park To Open In Late Winter

Don’t think that San Francisco forgot your impeccable views, after what seemed to be forever, word is that Alamo Square Park is set to reopen to the public this late winter with some pretty sweet add-on’s.

Calling the park’s so-called “phased reopening,” Brett Desmarais, the project manager for the Alamo Square Restroom and Irrigation Upgrade Project, wrote this week to offer a schedule update and information. As many saw, the fenced park had been re-renovated over the course of 6 months which made residents in the area even more frustrated that they couldn’t enjoy their sunny days on the lawn.

"Completion of the lawn installation is a major project milestone that now offers a more definitive picture of the project schedule,” Desmarais wrote. “As of mid-November we are anticipating that the new viewing area will open shortly after the New Year at the same time that the original viewing area closes." 

But if we were to blame someone, we go to the photographers who weaseled their way in for that perfect Instagram photo — which caused even more delays. "The remainder of work within the the park, which includes pathway and drainage repairs, the additional planting of natives trees and shrubs, and the completion of the new accessible restroom, will occur between now and late January,” Desmarais elaborates.

// “It is anticipated that the park will open in late winter, with the exception of the original viewing area, which will remain closed for lawn establishment until spring 2017.”

Written by the Bob Cut Editors, photos sourced from Wikimedia Commons — Got any hot tips for us? Let us know here.

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