Chef's Hawker Centre Festivals Brings Asian Cuisine Under One Roof

And no region is left behind, inspired by delicious night markets, some of the best Bay Area Asian chefs come under one roof for an evening of mouthwatering eats.

A variety of chefs including Top Chef’s Tu David Phu, Bay Bites 2017 winner Deuki Hong, Reem Assil, and Class of 2017 honoree Nora Dunning plus other amazing Bay Area denizens are gearing up to show off the spirit of cooking and the pride of home.

For those unfamiliar with the term, night markets are common throughout many Asian cultures, and are essentially buzzing bazaars where all manner of knickknacks and tchotchkes can be purchased. Often open air and operating throughout the night, these markets are cultural hubs for local food and shopping. The westernization of the concept often places an emphasis on the street food aspect, and on July 19th, San Francisco is getting a rare opportunity to experience Top Chef contestant Tu David Phu’s take on the traditional night market in collaboration with the Asian Art Museum.

A fair warning: this won’t be a cheap experience. General admission will run you $85, while museum members receive a small discount and those who have the coins can opt for a VIP ticket. The high price point, while steep, buys you unlimited access to food booths stocked by a handful of Asian American chefs local to the Bay Area, as well as two drink tickets. Those who cop VIP status are entitled to early admission, as well as a personalized tour of the festival with Chef Phu and access to a VIP lounge with exclusive menu items.

// Tickets are available here, July 19th from 7 p.m. — 10 p.m., 200 Larkin St, Asian Art Museum; Feature photography courtesy of the Asian Art Museum, collage by Anthony Rogers.

Bún Nhâm Hà Tiên, photograph courtesy of the Asian Art Museum

Bún Nhâm Hà Tiên, photograph courtesy of the Asian Art Museum

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