Bay Area Dogs Win at Halloween This Year

Dogs in their halloween drag helps make the world go round.

Even if Halloween isn’t quite your thing, the holiday does have one major plus: dogs in costume. It’s a truly magical day when you stroll down the street and see animals dressed as celebrities, superheroes, politicians, or pumpkins. And the sassy instagram posts? Our thumbs have scrolled miles in the past day just trying to keep up with what garb Bay Area dogs donned this week. We’d like to personally thank all the pet-owners out there for squeezing their animals into ironic and ridiculous costumes. We love you. We support you. We beg that you do this again next year.

Wilson has really jumped on the unicorn bandwagon. Take note.

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Hamlet’s got sass and we’re so into it. Working that giraffe like no other.

Are you seeing those underbites? Are these even dogs or just dollops of cotton candy in matching bandanas?

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Dogs and babies? We need warning before an attack of such cuteness.

We love how you’re keeping it traditional, Auggie. That sequence is just dashing on you.

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We’re so there for this #dogsquad. Our only question is, why weren’t we invited to the party?

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Okay, his has gotten out of hand. And we LOVE it.

YAS Chubster. You’re so on trend!

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Milla’s just so happy to be here. Can’t you tell?

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