Bike Share Announces 50 More Locations And We’re Wondering... Do People Still Use Them?

Taking back the night wither their on-demand bike rental service, Bay Area’s Bike Share has announced their plan to open up more zones for riders to ride on.

After multiple community fired meetings about the usefulness of the service, Motivate, the company that runs Bay Area Bike Share, has announced the locations for phase 2 of its expansion plan. And after the promising sponsorship by Ford Motor Company, the bike depots could become the new Starbucks.

Hoping to serve more communities, this map provided by Motivate details the amount of pick ups and drop offs that Bike Share will be located. This is why we called it the Starbucks of bikes.

Motivate will jump from 700 bikes to 7000 across San Francisco — now that’s a lot of metal. The company stated on their Facebook that, “once expansion is complete, San Francisco will have more bike share bikes per capita than any other system in North America, and one of the highest ratios of bike share bikes per person in the world.“ Now that’s world domination.

// Motivate will complete this expansion in 5 phases and details are all listed on their website.

Written by Anthony Rogers, photos sourced from Chandler on Twitter and BikeShare — What are your thoughts of the expansion? Let us know on Twitter.

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