What once was a rich roast accompanying beautifully designed dishware will cease to be — Blue Bottle will be closing their kiosk to open a bigger retail space in November.

And the added heat from Tartine’s newest Manufactory doesn’t help either. Hiring Verve Coffee’s Chris Jordan to develop and roast a Tartine-branded line of coffee, Blue Bottle saw the across-the-street competition (no really… across the street) and has decided to close the kiosk permanently. Blue Bottle is preparing to open an even bigger location in the former Jeremy’s retail space at 2 South Park, in SoMa.

“The increased square footage will not only provide ample room for the coffee retailer’s food and drink menu, but it will also boast new features, including an iced coffee bar, which will serve zero-proof mixed coffee drinks (drink recipes are still in development)” Blue Bottle told Inside Scoop earlier this week. They’re aiming to have the South Park location open on November 14, and coffee service will end at the Heath kiosk on October 16. This leaves them no time as Manufactory is clearly dominating the roasting game — if you haven’t seen the multiple Instagram blasts by coffee goers alike then you gotta use your explore tab.

And even though the two companies were very close to a merger, this added pressure from Tartine’s new concept roaster had clearly shaken up Blue Bottle enough to close their beloved kiosk. ”[We] decided that remaining separate companies makes the most sense.“

// So get yourself to 2900 18th St, Mission, before October 16th before the kiosk permanently closes. Or you could try Manufactory literally across the street.

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