A Year in Review—500 Stories Down, Countless More To Come

Today, we raise a glass to times gone by, a year for the books, and a chance to do it all over again.

As we take this time to reflect on the variety of content we covered (nearly 500 original stories), we look back at some of the sensations that struck a cord with you all. The top twelve stories that pulled at your heartstrings, your hamstrings, and every string in between. Walk down memory lane with us as we prepare to say, “Hey Nineteen.”


The first month of 2018 sent us off to the races. SF Restaurant Week kept us well-fed. Cannabis became officially legalized. We talked Oprah, talked Oscar Noms, talked a hell of a lot about In N’ Out adding hot chocolate to their menu (groundbreaking) and Shake Shack announcing their move to NorCal. It was a battle of the burgers, so to speak.


Oh, what a month. We completely ignored Valentine’s Day. We put the patriarchy up for review in San Francisco after “Vanity Fair” published an excerpt from author Emily Chang’s tell-all book. Then, the Women’s March inspired one of our staff writers to take on the topic of intersectional feminism. We cried over spilt milk and dared to ask the question, what the eff is in my latte? (Spoiler: an effing lot of nuts).


We went to the ballet, we bar crawled for our guy St. Patrick, then we brought it home for the ladies with our Women in Food feature. On another note, Glossier came to town and RFK hit SFMoMA with his funeral train.


We looked back at the 1906 Quake, then took a trip to the nicest Taco Bell in the state. A night at Nick’s Cove in Tomales Bay gave us a nice reset, where we sipped Aperol Spritzes and feasted on scallops as the sun went beautifully down on the little town of Marshall.


All of you readers out there took quite a liking on our Korean Spa post—one of our top-performing stories ever. We then made friends with a MUNI officer and dropped some knowledge about Memorial Day’s origins. Our inaugural Editor’s Letter hit your inboxes and we’ve kept them coming ever since.


London Breed became the first-ever elected black female mayor. (Can we get a hell yeah?) Shortly after, Bob Cut asked two very important questions: How did SF Become Gay? and, Where Can I Effing Dance?


The Big Bread Guide hit the site and all readers celebrated in carb-loving glory. Sometimes the job is hard and sometimes it’s butter. Come on guys, let’s get this bread.


Adrian Octavius Walker wowed editors and readers alike with his Bob Cut interview in August. His stunning photography tells a narrative of the black man in America; with talent and insight like this, we think he’s here to stay.


Together, fall fell upon us and we collectively complained about public transportation (the neverending story). A commentary on all-female co-working spaces caused a ruckus across the Bay Area community. Consider the pot stirred.


Class of 2018 celebrated an array of SF locals that do well and good in their respective industries. Steve Carell and Timothee Chalamet came to Marin to promote “Beautiful Boy” at the Mill Valley Film Festival. Loving Cup was acquired (*SF sobs uncontrollably into its probiotic-infused Dude Abides*) and City Surf Project took over August Hall for a night of fun, friends, and philanthropy at their “Share the Stoke” event.


A chat with those guys from “Green Day” changed our perspective on sustainable coffee. Fires ravaged the northern and southern coasts of dear California, and local business stepped up to the plate by offering unparalleled support.


Issue 7 came screaming out of the gates after a lot of sleepless nights and 3AM slack messages amongst BC’s editorial team. We created something beautiful, if I do say so myself. From local business owners to nonprofit warriors, artists, and everything in-between, the roundup of San Franciscans celebrated in our digest are truly something. And now, after a new issue and a pop-up shop in the Sunset District, we’re disappearing for a while. We can’t wait to show you what we’re up to next.  

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Isabella Welch is a graduate of UCLA with a degree in history. Her writing has been featured in history journals, travel blogs, arts & culture magazines, and more. Director of Editorial & Creative Development at Bob Cut Mag, lover of stories and tinto de verano, she’s usually found wandering the Headlands.

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