7 Cannabis-Friendly Places, People, and Accessories To Check Out This Holiday Season


If you are making way for the Wednesday kush-sess at any of your go-to spots, think about shaking up what you’re doing this year with these homegrown cannabis-friendly events, dispensaries, or buy a new canister or two, get to know the high-quality cannabis spots in your backyard. Go on and get lit.


Harvest // 4811 Geary Blvd

This chic little dispensary located on Geary near Presidio Heights has taken over dispensary game by storm. Offering a chic interior for those who like to lounge with their ganja, take a load off in their fab lounging area — catch up on your reading and absorb the cafe-like atmosphere.


Apothecarium // 2095 Market St

Fabulously close to Dolores and not missing the 420 beat, Apothecarium supports and raises the kush community with their excellent service, friendly attitude, and advanced knowledge of hedges. Anywhere from flowers to edibles, topicals, and concentrates, this cute shop in the Castro is a must-stop at.


OMCA Exhibit, ‘Altered State’ Mega-Marijuana Exhibition // 1000 Oak St, Oakland

Get down to the nitty-gritty of how Mary-Jane has circumvented through California’s deep and confusing relationship with her. Tell your truth in the Cannabis Confessional—a booth where you can anonymously share your personal experiences with pot. Get those “sins” out now.


Ganja Yoga with Dee Dussault // deedussault.com

Combine your love of deep healing yoga and pot into one exhilarating experience, Dee Dussault has been offering her hit Ganja Yoga classes since her early days in Toronto, Canada — taking the Bay Area by puff, meet the cannabis-friendly communities you’ve definitely missed.


420 In The Park // 19th & Dolores St

We feel that we don’t have to mention this annual treat as 1000′s flock to the hill situated on 19th and Dolores but in the event you find yourself there here are some quick tips. How to stay on the good side of the cops? Don’t bring in any glass bottles or coolers and keep music to a conversational volume. And with any major event, take your trash home – Seriously.


Muir Woods // 1 Muir Woods Rd, Mill Valley

As a part of the National Parks Appreciation Week, take a fun little stroll while toking to the beautiful sounds of nature. Muir Woods is open to the public for free during the week of April 16th - April 24th. What a perfect time to reconnect with nature and don’t forget to pass the bud.


Van Der Pop // vanderpop.com

Meet the luxury cannabis brand making 420 life everyday chic. Perfect for packing your go-to strands, Van Der Pop is all about gorgeous packaging and making sure you one up the competition. Impress all your blazed friends with their stylish happy sack for the on the move smoking. No need to thank us.

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