a TV series created by Kem Nunn, follow this San Francisco based forensic neuro-psychologist on a dark road with reluctant turns into dangerous and violent worlds of mistaken identity, police corruption and mental illness. These serious Hitchcock vibes are pretty much a grand slam in our book.

If you haven’t seen MUNI bus ads for the new show debuted exclusively on HULU, we follow the story of the “not” doctor House (Hugh Laurie) in this San Francisco-based TV drama whilst chronicling his time with addiction, mental illness, and many more darker themes to the show. Without giving much away, we are stoked to see the Hitchcock vision come to life in a modern day San Franciscan show. It really fills our hearts with all the goodness.

With the seal of approval from IMDB’s premiere reviewing committee, the show has began to touch the heart’s of millions nationwide, “The writing of this series is impeccable and Hugh has once again risen to the occasion. When one considers the variety of acting he has undertaken over his illustrious career, one can only marvel at his expertise in the acting profession” said IMDB’s I Am Hodson about Hugh Laurie’s performance.

Written by Ashley Tarr, photos screenshotted from HULU — Are you a TV junkie? Let us know if you wanna see more from us in this fashion.

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