And he’s hungry to keep his legacy and power of food moving forward. He has more than a dozen restaurants, nine dessert bars, two cocktail bars, a prepared food business, and a food magazine and publishing company to his name. What else could he want?

Now he’s got $7 million dollars for his new food delivery service, ‘Ando’, essentially taking the culinary mastery of chef Chang and bringing it to your doorstep. Currently, it only serves Midtown Manhattan but his investors (who are based in Silicon Valley) are very sure of his wide spread success. Noteably, this is an impressive first funding round for a first time fundee.

“You’re signing up for a certain level of ambition focused on growth when you take venture money… Hopefully we’ll make a big successful business, and then we’ll look for a liquidity event,” says Kirsten Green, who runs Ando’s largest investor so far, San Francisco’s Forerunner Ventures, “We think about scaling a business over the course of many years, we have time to evaluate customer data and understand how to drive repeat business.“

At The New Yorker Tech Festival where Chang spoke to restaurant growth, Eater SF quoted him saying, “[that] restaurants should focus 40 percent of their efforts on delivery and 60 on their dining room, up from the typical NYC 20 percent delivery and 80 percent dine-in.”

And if you’re wondering “why the name?” All you ramen fans rejoice, Ando, like Momofuku, is named after instant ramen creator Momofuku Ando. But ramen the Chang way,  isn’t quite ready for delivery. "It just looks gnarly.” For now, we can settle for food delivery services like Ayesha Curry’s ‘Gather’ until Ando makes it’s big SF debut.

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