Chef Melissa King's 5 Must-Eat Bites At The Ferry Building

The ferry building is a Bay Area icon, no doubt about it. Whether you’re a chef or just visiting San Francisco, you’ll enjoy wandering around and discovering the local vendors in the marketplace.  

Also, you can’t beat the panoramic view of the Bay—it’s beautiful and reminds us why we love San Francisco. Top Chef season 12 finalist Melissa King give us her top 5 must-eat items at the ferry building:

Hog Island Oysters

MK: “I’ve been coming here for years.  It’s the perfect place to get together with friends on a sunny day for a few rounds of fresh oysters and champagne.  I particularly love their clam chowder – it isn’t thickened with flour, so it’s more broth-like and made with fresh tiny clams.”

Out the Door – Steamed Chicken Bun

MK: “When I’m at the ferry building and I’m looking for a quick snack, I end up with a steamed chicken bun or two in my hands.  It’s quick, it’s portable, and it reminds me of the breakfast my mom would give me before heading off to school as a kid.”

Boccalone Salumeria – Salami Cone

MK: “If you’re a fan of cured meats, you have to swing by Boccalone and get a salami cone!  It’s exactly as it sounds – it’s a cone with a sampling of tasty, cured meats.  They use quality ingredients, and their meats are made locally in the Bay Area.”

Cowgirl Creamery

MK: “Cowgirl Creamery is a great place to check out if you want to sample different cheeses from around the world, but their in-house cheeses are some of my favorites when I’m putting together a cheese platter.  It’s hard for me to walk away without picking up a wheel of their Mt. Tam – it’s always a crowd-pleaser.”

Farmer’s Market on Saturday Mornings & Roli Roti

MK: “Every Saturday there’s a beautiful farmer’s market at the waterfront with incredibly fresh and seasonal produce from local farms – nearly every chef in San Francisco can be seen here picking up their restaurant orders.  But one of the best things about the Saturday farmer’s market is the Roli Roti cart which serves an amazing crispy porchetta sandwich with onion jam and arugula. There’s always a crazy line, but it’s worth the wait.”

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