Co-Working Spaces That Are Inner City Camping Friendly

Co-Working Spaces That Are Inner City Camping Friendly

Ever wanted to camp but not camp at the same time. Don't we all?

We recently discovered this new co-working space rightly named, CampSyte. Described as, "San Francisco’s first outdoor coworking space," this camp site lacks the river, bugs, and fresh open air we've come to know and love.

“I like to look at these neuroscience studies on how nature influences people,” co-founder Niki Choo told Hoodline. “Social interaction has a big influence on how people view their utility and happiness." The price for OutCamp is listed at $11 per day per person ($33 for an all-month pass), and anyone who’s worked in a cafe knows that you can easily rack up more than just that in coffee refills alone.

Though we see the good intention, CampSyte eliminates the awkward back and forth of kitchenette conversation you clearly didn't sign up for. What we're saying is: the space is so open that you'd never have to converse with any one ever again. 

We're even keen on the fact that it is in the great (San Francisco) outdoors. We're not crammed at a desk or fidgeting for a window seat. A constant window seat is available — until you realize that your $11 day rate does not allow you inside the campers. The $11 package only gives you access to the picnic tables and chairs, though you still get the WiFi, coffee, tea, and snacks provided. Hoodline notes that “heaters and fans are available, with outdoor heat lamps on their way” and that beer is coming soon, which would surely increase the value of your $11 daily investment. 

So is it worth it? Yes. Is it good for a cheap laugh? Possibly. Will your teammates be embarrassed about your choices? Absolutely.

// CampSyte, 9 Freelon St., SoMa,


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