Photo Galore: The Color Factory Up Close and Personal

When in Rome, make a colorful mess.

If you haven't been tuned in to our Instagram, we had a fabulous Insta-story takeover (with Danielle Rueda) about her time at the Color Factory. Being her photographer self, we could not not post the gorgy photos that ensued. 

This two-story interactive exhibition celebrates color and material, featuring work by some of our favorite artists and collaborators: Jacob Dahlgren, Tom Stayte, Geronimo Balloons, Tosha Stimage, Stanton Jones, Andrew Neyer & Andy J. Miller, Carissa Potter, Jessica Hische, Rebecca Wright, Randi Brookman Harris, Leah Rosenberg and Erin Jang.

So without further ado, enjoy the slideshow du jour below!

// The Color Factory is located at 575 Sutter Street, Nob Hill, and tickets are sold out; Color Factory may open reservations for October so check back frequently.

Danielle Rueda is a Fashion and Lifestyle photographer from San Francisco. Since 2008, she has worked in Manila, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York.

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