Charlotte Cramer and Scarlett Montanaro are no strangers to helping those in need, their concept online and pop up shop CRACK+CIDER is putting the power back into giving. Where customers can buy products which will be distributed to SF’s rough sleepers in time for Christmas.

And it hasn’t stopped them from continuing to give, in 2016, San Francisco’s total homeless count was 6,686 people on the street and as we move into the colder months, most to many of these residents eventually die from illness or other existing conditions. Most can’t get into a shelter, secure warm clothing, or even grab a bite to eat.

The founder’s of this noteworthy start-up are launching pop-up shops and an online store that allow members of the community to purchase essential items that are then distributed to homeless people. Which is pretty rad, essentials range from fresh clothes, to daily hygiene and some perishable food items. Based primarily in London, the two are on a mission to make sure every human (homeless) being gets the rights they deserve.

Cramer and Montanaro got the idea for the nonprofit while on vacation in Berlin in 2014. They spoke to a homeless man, who told them that people were disinclined to give him money because they believed he would spend it on cider and crack. After moving from London to the Bay Area for a job as a strategist at the global experience design agency Bynd, Cramer is now bringing Crack+Cider’s efforts to San Francisco.

To get things kicked off, the two are partnering with the Tenderloin Museum to begin selling their product exclusively for now — we feel it’s a great fit for a brand that focuses on homeless rights and a hub of historical presence that speaks to the genre. From November 10th - December 23rd, you can purchase a multitude of items such as jackets, backpacks, prescription glasses, doggy care packs and female hygiene packs. Crack+Cider will then donate the items purchased to Hospitality House and Lava Mae’s ongoing Pop-Up Care Village.

And with the rise of encampments in SF’s ballot coming to us in about 3 days, most San Franciscans have the issue currently in their heads.

// Crack+Cider’s launch event and panel discussion are free and open to the public — click here to reserve your seat. Tenderloin Museum, 398 Eddy St, Tenderloin,

Written by Anthony Rogers, photos courtesy of CRACK+CIDER — Need more info about what homelessness means to you? You can give this a read, it’s pretty astonishing.

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