This Drag Queen's Chinatown Photoshoot is Beyond

This Drag Queen's Chinatown Photoshoot is Beyond
Photography by  Mark Christopher , muse by Creme Fatale

Photography by Mark Christopher, muse by Creme Fatale

Beauty comes in all shapes and forms, for local faux-queen Creme Fatale, taking forms of different beauty is a walk in the park for this glamazon.

No really, she's pretty tall. Performing all over San Francisco, she can be seen a mile away sporting the most over the top fashions, face, and performance. We got to see her beauty in action during a live set with Trixie Mattel and Katya at Beaux in October — nails, hair, beat, and style: 10's across the board. It looked like something to our left. To further bring her opulence to life photographer Mark Christopher captured a rare day sighting the queen skipping amongst Chinatown in the most opulent way possible.


// You've got to check out the series below and follow her on Instagram. She'll leave you gagging!

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