Design Your Own Muni Route, A Dream Come True


Have you ever thought about a dream line that would take you home or one that could take you from the Marina to Daly City in one fell swoop? Well SFMTA wants to hear it loud and clear with their new line designer.

Hopefully, a dream that won’t fade away in the fog like the Dolores park reservation fail did, teaming up with the Planning Department, Muni just unveiled something called The Subway Vision, a kind of interactive transportation community map, that blueprints a wider city need they’re referring to as ConnectSF.

“We need more subways, and we need true regional rail that connects our entire region,” supervisor Scott Wiener stated in a press release about the new Subway Vision tool. “As the Bay Area grows by two million people in the next 25 years, we cannot afford to have another million cars on our roads, freeways, and bridges. We need more transit, and we need to pursue it aggressively.”

With the popularity of the vision board overnight, SFMTA had to chime in via their blog to further explain, “The more we learn about the priorities, concerns and challenges of today’s San Franciscans, the better we can prepare for our future.“ These submissions, then will serve as the public comment portion of the Subway Master Plan Legislation which will then be heard at meetings with the board of supervisors.

Users have until September 2nd to send in submissions, which will then be analyzed by city transit planners. So take your time and create those beautiful masterpieces.

Written by Anthony Rogers, photo screenshot from The Subway Vision — Need to more Bay Area musings? Subscribe to our newsletter.

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