The Dogs in Drag Were The Highlight of This Year's Pride Parade

Sashay, you stay! And your collar is hella cute too!

The streets were alive with all the colors of the rainbow this past Sunday. And while the drag was hella fierce too, another cohort of parade goers, too, had a strong snatch-game—the pups of Pride!

(Yes: I'm referring to the actual canine variety...and not the Scruff tribe. Although, I did, by some manner of either luck or divine intervention, saw a well-squatted, buff and scruffy, five-foot-nine-something man ascend a street pole; he was adorned with nothing but a pair of, shall we say, skimp underwear. That, my friends, was a quote "pup spotting.")

Didn't get a chance to see some of SF most fabulous furry friends strut their stuff down Market Street? Well, we've got you covered. Here are some of our favorite four-legged looked from this years Pride Parade.

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