Off The Menu: Dolores Outpost To Open In Well... Dolores, Surprised?

Kombucha on tap and other sorted amenities, Dolores Outpost is certain to become one hell of a chic spot.

A spot that once was to buy cigarettes and 40s, is now the home of a very chic outpost that sells various kombucha on tap and mochi muffins to go. Seriously though, we had mochi muffins at Boba Guys recently and we're sold.

The former Mereb Market is being deconstructed as we read to make way for the "start up" of convenience stores. Which was softly open yesterday afternoon, has a bigger inventory on the way and even pop-up dinners planned. The new business bears a design resemblance to the Food Hall at 16th and Valencia, although the Food Hall is even more chic, even art-gallery pretty, the Dolores Outpost would hopefully become a fixture with the park-going crowd.

// Keep an eye on Dolores Outpost's Instagram and Facebook page for more, and remember: Don't leave those Kombucha bottles lying on the grass in Dolores, okay?

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