Donald Trump Statue, 'The Emperor Has No Balls,' Appears In The Castro

Appearing overnight, the famed “The Emperor Has No Balls” statue has arrived in Castro… Totally ironic.

With no faces and no identifiable witnesses, the Donald Trump statue that created whirlwinds of backlash from Trump supporters has made it’s way to Jane Warner Plaza. Right now, we don’t know if any identifiable witnesses have come forth but the Washington Post reports that INDECLINE’s additional Donald Trump statues have been spotted in New York, Los Angeles, Cleveland and Seattle.

At the base of the statue’s feet is a signature from artist “Ginger,” and a placard reading “The Emperor Has No Balls” above the anarchist collective “INDECLINE.

We have no clue when it will be taken down but it’s currently on display at Market and 17th.

Written by Anthony Rogers, photos sourced from Hoodline — Are you Trump or Hillary, let us know on Twitter.

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