Dynamo Donut and JUNIOR Collaborate in the Most Delicious Way Possible

And it involves the cocktail specialities of JUNIOR and the whisking power of Dynamo.

For Dynamo's 10 year anniversary, the millennial cool donut spot located in both the Mission and Marina, the wizards of fried decadence are joining forces with Dogpatch staple, JUNIOR to create a donut baby that is mouthwatering upon reading. The donuts are a take on the cocktail watering holes famed drinks, the 'Heavens to Betsy' and the 'Five Deadly Venoms'. The Heavens to Betsy is a Bourbon moment with strawberry, fortified wine, coconut, and so on while the Five Deadly Venoms contain white rum, agricole rhum, green tea, genepy, bitter bianco, lime, and citrus syrup. The two entities are doing their best to recreate the flavors within said donuts so don't expect overtly boozy bites.

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And if you've been living under a rock, or sleeping on Dynamo as they say, Sara Spearin's confections are not to be slept on. At Dynamo Donut, Spearin takes her years in the kitchens of some of San Francisco's top restaurants (Foreign Cinema, Liberty Cafe, Stars, Postrio) to create flavor pairings you'd be more likely to find in artisanal pastries than in the humble donut. 

It began while on maternity leave in 2007 with a simple cast-iron pan for frying and a desire for donuts with complex and nuanced flavor. Inspired by summertime creamsicles, Sara spent her days as a new mom experimenting and testing the beginnings of Dynamo's spectacular Vanilla Bean Donut, now one of her most popular varieties. This first donut boasts a robust flavor profile of salty, sweet, sour, bitter, all pulled together with a little spice. 

The donuts' base is made the same Dynamo way but the frosting is a little more adventurous sporting genepy and bitter aperitivo flakes. DEAD. The JUNIOR team even went as far as to create a special cocktail for Dynamo's big 10—get this: the “10 YEAR COCKTAIL” contains Agricole rum, dry sherry, passion fruit, citrus, egg white, and chocolate bitters. We suggest grabbing a box of these collaborative goodies and grabbing a much-deserved cocktail at Junior this weekend—and only this weekend so be quick Bay Area.

// They're only available 6/29, 6/30, and 7/1, Dynamo is located at 2760 24th St., Outer Mission, JUNIOR is located at 2545 24th St., Dogpatch; dynamodonut.comjuniorbarsf.com. Feature photo via Dynamo's Instagram.

The 10 YEAR COCKTAIL at JUNIOR, photo courtesy of JUNIOR

The 10 YEAR COCKTAIL at JUNIOR, photo courtesy of JUNIOR

Inside JUNIOR Bar, photo courtesy of JUNIOR.

Inside JUNIOR Bar, photo courtesy of JUNIOR.

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