Eat Drink SF 2016 Was A Big Hit Expect For These Vegan Protesters

Bringing in the best of the best in San Francisco’s food scene, Eat Drink SF made waves and splashes again for their top notch eats. However, this group of protesters had a very different take.

Bay Area animal activism group Direct Action Everywhere led a protest in front of the pavilion as attendees entered the tasting around 12:30 p.m.

For over an hour, the group yelled at the tops of their voices, “It’s not food, it’s violence,“ as a naked man laid in pseudo meat packaging. By having an actual human in what was made to resemble a meat container, we hope to make the point that just as he has friends, families, loved ones, and a life he loves that he doesn’t want to lose, so do animals,” Direct Action Everywhere press coordinator Zach Groff told Eater SF.

The peaceful protest stuck around for an hour as the police watched over them carefully, “It’s always useful to have lively conversations around food and why it matters, and we were prepared and designated a safe space for them,” event organizer Golden Gate Restaurant Association executive director Gwyneth Borden told Eater SF. “We obviously don’t agree, but it’s their constitutional right to protest.”

Though many of the attendee’s remained unfazed as they made their way in to try many of the deliciousness that ensued. Like the dish from Spruce chef de cuisine John Madriaga who served “warm burrata” with naan.  A clear highlight at this year’s sold-out Eat Drink SF.

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