Jewelry Designer Emily C.’s New Necklace Is Magical and Very Stylish

We love it when design and functionality come together seamlessly in one product. That is precisely what local jewelry designer Emily C. has done with her eye-catching necklace.

The necklace doubles as a ring holder, perfect for situations when you don’t want to lose track of that shiny rock clinging onto your finger for dear life. When might you need this product, you ask? Let’s say you’re working out (new year, new you, after all.) That means you’re up in the gym working on your fitness with a Fergie-esque ambition. Rather than your rings slip and sliding off your toned fingers in the weight room, rest assured with having them held safely around your neck. Or perhaps you’re a jet-setter, traveling the globe with nothing but a chic carry-on bag. Not the time and place for heavy jewelry getting tangled and lost in the abyss of airplane seats. Slip on your Emily C. necklace and travel sans stress.

// Thoughts? Let us know! Necklaces start from $195 and come in all shapes and shades;

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