Maybe Don't E-Scooter On The Bay Bridge? Yeah, Maybe Don't

An e-scooter will take you places, one of those is not however, the Bay Bridge.

And you bet it caused quite the stir for the traffic. The two e-scoots entered the traffic centric part of the bridge and did not use the bike route on the span reserved for cyclists. To our fortune, it was caught on dash-cam. Provided by Mike Lee for SF GATE & KTVU.

We're not here to make assumptions, but these two look like the two to attempt a rush-hour endeavor of sorts. In addition to being perilous and a recipe for creating what would surely be San Francisco’s stupidest traffic tragedy should an errant motorist make a wrong move, it turns out taking the two-wheeled conveyances up onto the span is illegal and may net a fine.

And the ones who were not too happy about the situation: California Highway Patrol. The incident officer told ABC 7 that trying to scoot over to Oakland this way is “completely illegal,” noting that under current California law the e-scooters are “not a motor vehicle, not a motorcycle. It cannot be on the freeway.”

Though for those who have still yet to try the varying scooter companies in the Bay, from June 4 up to July 1, the scooters will all go offline while SFMTA considers company’s permit applications, which will include plans from scooter rental companies about how to minimize scooter clutter on streets and sidewalks. "clutter."

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