Shop Talk: Everlane FINALLY Releases Denim To The Public

Shop Talk: Everlane FINALLY Releases Denim To The Public

Just like the explosion of the Day Heel, SF-based Everlane has concurred the next step in their wardrobe: denim.

Coming in three different styles, the minimal clothing empire has striked the pan while it was hot and fulfilled customer wishes with a complete denim line. Their slogan: "Ethically made. Perfectly fit. $68." 

The company tells us that, "When we set out to develop denim, we were told we couldn’t do it all. That commercial denim destroys the environment. That only super-stretchy sells. That designer jeans need a designer price tag. Good thing we don’t do what we’re told." 

The Everlane team has been developing this line since launch, with the demand for a comfy tee seven years ago, the team could not deny the need for a perfect pair of jeans. The basis of the company is made up of three qualities: know your factories, know the true cost, always ask why. Denim is indeed a dirty business to do—affecting the environment with every pair made doesn't come across as innovative.

So we're hopeful that the Everlane team delivers a pair of denim that will last us through the ages.

// 2170 Folsom St., Mission; $68,


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