Flowers Galore!

With Ampersand SF.

“At the studio, we encourage everyone to mix and match! We want them to try something new that they’re not use too” said Benjamin, one of the masterminds behind Ampersand SF. With his fiance Emerson, the two found their passion for the Art of Flowers and set a path to create a flower shop from scratch.

“Our mothers were really into flowers, so it just came naturally. Out of necessity maybe?” Benjamin laughed as he recanted his story on why flowers were important to him! The shop holds up on Albion Street, in the heart of the mission district. This location is ideal for the two because the Mission is where art comes to flourish. “We don’t see this as just our income, we see it as a place where people from all walks of life can come, be creative, design a floral arrangement, and just relax!” 

When looking around the shop, I’m greeted by so many flowers ranging from all over the world, when asked about the process of the shop Benjamin replied, “Every morning at 9am, we go to the local floral farms and gather our supply for the day. Everyday is something completely new and we never have anything twice in the same week. We go to 5 specific growers in the Bay Area and we don’t out source our supply from any online shops.” Learning this, I was extremely impressed by the dedication of both Benjamin and Emerson. 

“By doing this, we wanted to connect to the larger sense of community!” said Benjamin. The two have amassed many an eye from Martha Stewart to Valentino to Vogue America. When asked how and why, Benjamin replied, “We take our shop seriously but we also try to have fun with it in every way possible because we’re not just a flower shop as much as we are a creative hub!”

When asked what were the horizons for Ampersand, Emerson interjected with, “HIRING SOMEONE.

We want to thank Benjamin and Emerson for their time and we hope to collaborate with them again soon!

Take a listen to the 8tracks mix we made that is inspired by the Shop.

Photography by Jacqueline Esparza

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