Food Hall, The MOMA Of Grocery Stores, is Now Open in the Mission


And before you ask — yes, it’s hella chic. Food Hall (3100 16th Street) has all the treats and snacks of a typical “convenience store” but, its insides will blow your mind.

Food Hall, which opened just days ago, has fully stocked it’s shelves from wall to wall with high-quality produce, groceries, and even shi-shi kale chips. All a Marina mom would want. Though competing with namely grocery stores such as Bi-Rite, Food Hall has a lot to live up to in this particular Mission community. From what we can assume, it’s a look - don’t touch type of situation.

The store is operated by Yasmin Murtadha and Bilal Mannaa and aims to provide a “unique shopping experience for food and drink enthusiasts in San Francisco.” Nonetheless an absolute gorgeous testament to modern interior architecture, the original Wells Fargo and then Val 16 grocery space redesigned by London-based architects William Tozer .


Food Hall offers various departments in hands-on education as well, so think of it as an 18 Reasons mashup, too.

// Food Hall,, 3100 16th Street at Valencia

Written by Anthony Rogers, Photographs by Food Hall’s Instagram — Get the latest openings on our newsletter.

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