Food On The Move: 5 Food Trucks That Feed The Fast Walker


If you’re a city hall dawdler or a Off The Grid denizen then you mostly likely know the trucks that camp out to feed the hurrying souls of the Bay Area beat. They understand fast, we understand fast, so let us tell you the quickest meals you can get at a great price from great trucks.


Kokio Republic // Korean Fried Chicken

Taste a dash of culturally authentic Korean fried decadence with a mixture of American fusion. Combining the old and the new, Kokio draws a crowd to feast upon the orange tangy chicken goodness. Why wouldn’t you? With a quick turnaround and smiles to boot, nom’ to the satisfying crunch in every bite. // We Recommend Grabbing: Chicken + Kimchi Balls.


Hella Vegan Eats // Vegan American Cuisine

You haven’t lived till you’ve tasted what real vegan cuisine has to offer. Tacos, burgers, donuts, and much more are served under the umbrella know as Hella Vegan Eats. Holding a high standard to all of their food and practices, HVE understands that people look to their truck for what’s authentically, well, vegan. Time to dig in. // We Recommend Grabbing: A Birthday Burger.


Old World Food Truck // Eastern European Soul Food

“Bringing the ‘East Coast meets Eastern Europe’ to California with humor and humility,” this a food truck we instantly like. Old World Food Truck infuses what’s beautifully Jewish and what’s fun about California into one beautiful Schnitzelwich. Ask them about their faves because we love everything on this menu. // We Recommend Grabbing: Old World Reuben


BOWL’D ACAI // Fruit Parfaits

With a mutual respect for our earth and body, Bowl’d Acai sprung up from their love of great ingredients and wholesome fitness. Together the owners, Angel and Reza, dedicated their truck to healthy and delicious parfaits that draw in crowds and crowds of foodies bay area wide. Acai bowls, smoothies, and juices, you’ll want to hit the health craze soon after devouring. // We Recommend Grabbing: an Original Gangster


FivetenBurger // Artisan Burgers

At the end of the day, a good hardy burger sounds great to induce the food coma - FivetenBurger is right up your alley then. All grass fed beef and natural grain-fed golden gate meats, this truck honors a delicious burger with amazing taste and class. // We Recommend Grabbing: a Chicken Sandwich

Written by Anthony Rogers, Illustrations by Hunter Hess, Photography by,, Wendy Goodfriend,, and For all the foodies out there, would you pay $15 dollars for a cup of coffee? Need another pro recommendation? You’re more than welcome.

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