For The Movie Buffs: SF International Film Fest ‘16


As we bid farewell to the cold winter days and welcome spring with open arms, we begin to move into what I like to call “festival season”. Getting closer to summer, we see festivities popping up all over San Francisco. SF International Film Festival (which opens in April 21st until May 5th) is the highly anticipated event that’s started pre-orders for tickets.

Now I don’t know about everyone else but I’m crazy about movies. If I’m not out on a weekend, painting the town with friends, I’m usually browsing Netflix and other websites for new films to waste my time on. As of now (Mar. 8th), the SF Film Festival has not released their line up of films, but what’s exciting is that the venue this year is more commute friendly than before. Hosted at multiple locations (i.e The Roxie Theater, Alamo Draft House, and The Castro Theatre), I think they finally realized that San Franciscan’s do not want to deal with parking.

“We are thrilled to bring the Film Society’s signature event to the Mission district, and we anticipate an exciting new feel to the Festival this year,” said San Francisco Film Society Executive Director Noah Cowan. “From forging partnerships with new venues like Alamo Drafthouse and Gray Area, to working with the legendary San Francisco arthouses already known and loved by Bay Area film-goers and the gorgeous new Pacific Film Archive theater in Berkeley, to engaging with the fantastically rich cultural community of the Mission, we are looking forward to providing a fresh Festival experience for our dedicated supporters and reaching new audiences.”


For those creatives that wish to enter this year in the film festival, sorry but submissions for entries ended in the beginning of this year. Due to the overwhelming amount, SF Film Fest had to cut entries dates short but do not fret, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue making a film now! Start early and enter for the 2017 SF International Film Festival, when it comes back around you’ll be ready to make a submission. Do keep in mind that the earlier you submit the cheaper the entry fee. This is A+ knowledge.

On another note, if you’re as excited for this film festival as I am, there will be a the line up for this year’s festival on March 29th. It’s right around the corner. As we wait for the festival to open up in April, here’s the venue map of all the festival’s screenings!


Click here for interactive map

If you’re impatient however, why not attend CAAMFEST in San Francisco on March 10th - March 20th. So if you really want to get those film festival vibes started, check out more info about CAAMFEST here, have fun movie hopping!

Written by Myles Penaflor, follow Myles for more SF events. Images were sourced from the SF International Film Festival. Gotta love cool Bay Area only events yeah?

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