Away From The Bay: An Eats Filled Breeze In Seattle


Past the Space Needle (that every person and their mother recognizes,) lies the mouth-watering eateries that line the evergreen treetops, we’re talking about Fremont, Washington is all. Whether you’re passing through on Aurora Ave or making your way up to Shoreline, making a pitstop in Seattle’s rich food capital will be a trip not to forget.

My time in Fremont was short but after one full Friday night and Saturday morning, I felt fully acquainted with the city that falls in the shadow of Seattle’s skyscrapers. Between the people and the delish bites and drinks, I couldn’t tell what I loved more. All within walking distance, getting from one place to the next was more than an easy feat.


The most obvious and probably most overlooked is coming with enough cash in hand, a lot of the places mentioned do take card but it’s quicker to just slap some cash down and keep moving. It’s easy to use card yes but having that cash in hand especially around friends makes the headache of the bill less than what it would have been. Another option, I recommend (if you say left your wallet at the apartment / hotel) is have your Apple Pay set-up. Seattle’s technology and willingness to be a part of the year 2016 is astonishing.



With only a little time to spare, we had to make the most of our Yelp reviews. An immediate local favorite, Roxy’s is an urban dungeon perfect for those who want to get away from it all. With a lavender-infused vodka cocktail and fresh cut french fries in hand, going H.A.M is an understatement. Getting friendly with the staff isn’t hard, of course being politely and cheeky at two ways to having a grand ole’ time.

Need a sweet treat for late night cravings, a stop at the notorious Hot Cakes is a must for those who can’t get enough of delicious chocolate. Though we must forewarn you, the lines make look intimidating but patience is a virtue and they move in a flash. If you aren‘t snacking on their S’mores and Vanilla Bean platter than a Cookie’s and Cream milkshake are ought to make you feel full. The crowd here is young so do as the locals do.

For a morning coffee that really speaks to Seattle’s Best, the Fremont Coffee Company offers a unique home-like aesthetic. Picture yourself walking into your grandma’s chic 2 story home. A cup of delish organic coffee is handed you (at a very fair price might we add) and pastries as far as the eye could see. So if you have a moment, grab your best pal and shoot the shit. You won’t want to leave.

If brunch calls to you, clearly Uneeda Burger. And no really, it’s called Uneeda Burger. Enjoy gourmet bites that are grass-fed with a unique spin to glamping indoors. All in all, if you love yourself some Super Duper, you’ll definitely enjoy the eats to be had here.


For those who need a little more spice while walking around the foggy city, The Saint on Capitol Hill is the best mixture between flamboyant people and mouthwatering eats. We couldn’t tell if the Margarita’s or the Carne Asada’s were speaking to us. Known as “tequila salvation” going here for a perfectly mixed drink is probably your only bet. Drink responsibly.


Need to kill a couple hours? These treasured landmarks like the infamous Troll is but a drive away. The Fremont Troll is a public sculpture by four local artists Steve Badanes, Will Martin, Donna Walter, and Ross Whitehead. The idea of a troll living under a bridge is derived from the Scandinavian (Norwegian) fairytale Three Billy Goats Gruff. It is clutching an actual Volkswagen Beetle, as if it had just swiped it from the roadway above. The vehicle has a California license plate, how fitting.

Afterward, to unwind and to learn a little more while you’re there, take an extensive tour at Theo Chocolate Inc, we promise you’re mother will love it. The factory tours will entertain you with the story of cocoa, including the amazing transformation of the cocoa fruit into what we know and love as chocolate! They also touch on the social and environmental issues related to cocoa and cocoa farmers. Best of all, you’ll get to try the decadent products! A win-win for everyone.

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