Get Hammered With Karl Fog: Bay Area-based Hangar 1 Annouces Newest Vodka


If you’ve come to love the beauty of what Karl Fog has to offer (or not at all) then you’ll fall head over heels with Bay Area-based Hangar 1′s newest vodka release. And you guessed it, it’s made with the water collected by SF’s mass amount of mist.

Bay Area-based Hangar 1 announced that for their newest vodka, they’ve actually collected the San Francisco fog to make 2,400 bottles of pure local deliciousness, called Fog Point. A fitting name for a fitting drink.


While they’re selling for $125 each, which isn’t cheap, the process that went into making these perfectly curated bottles is intricate and fascinating all at the same time. It might just be worth it after all. “You’re tasting the Bay,” when you drink it, as Caley Shoemaker (above), the head distiller, told TIME this past week. You’ve got to watch the incredibly short promo for the new release, it makes us want to get up on the highest hill and start collecting ourselves.

And in the spirit of giving, and not all for gimmicks and glam, Hangar 1 will be donating all of the profits towards water conservation made from Fog Point. This push will bring awareness to California’s ravaged drought — so in theory, when you drink Karl, you’re really helping out California. It’s a win-win if we’ve ever seen one.

// Go ahead and get yourself a bottled Karl for your liquor collection. We couldn’t have been more San Franciscan if we tried.

Written by Anthony Rogers, photographs and still sourced from SF Weekly and Hangar 1 — Get your drink on with our A - Z guide of most intoxicating bars.

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