Get It Beauty: What Your Brunch Beauty Says About You


As the tempest of Sundays come and go, one thing remains: the smudge of lipstick on your teeth. No, but in all seriousness, changing your look up from one mimosa to the next says a story about you and where you’d probably eat.


No, I Literally Woke Up Like This.

Rolled out of bed and could possibly sing, “I woke up like this.” You’re the type who smacks on a tinted lip balm, flips the hair up and down for natural volume and out the door you go. You’re only meeting friends, they don’t deserve the 90 minutes of mediocrity that ensues putting on your face. Rock that all natural skin texture and devour your plate happily. // Where Would You Brunch? Most Likely: Sweet Maple


I Swear This Isn’t A Date.

When you were trying to say that you legitimately, “woke up like this.” But, let’s be honest: you knew your friend was bringing the hottest piece of meat from a party a nights fall ago. Whilst in the midst of texting your friend to conveniently leave, the boy that’s eyeing you in most likely eyeing the piece of spinach between your vampy lips. No shame in your game however. // Where Would You Brunch? Most Likely: Trestle


You Know You’ll Be Instagrammed

Lets face it, the pinnacle of what brunch really is is the perfect picturesque above table shot with a simple bracelet and ring combo delicately holding down the fork. But by God, if the photo doesn’t surpass 15 likes, you might as well delete it and wait till peak times to get maximum coverage. With your bangs never out of place, the table of Instagram warriors will never catch you off par. // Where Would You Brunch? Most Likely: The Corner Store


It’s 5′o’Clock Somewhere

Brunch is also a completely valid reason to order both a glass of rose and the mimosa that will certainly, without fail, follow. And don’t worry, that isn’t a stain from a gloss, it’s actually the wine you ordered on the way out. Sunday is the day of rest, so lets take a quick break with 2′o’Clock Merlot. You’re more than welcome. // Where Would You Brunch? Most Likely: Plow

Photography by Chrissy Lynn, Beauty Editor - Andromeda Quan, Model - Lizzie Gunst of JE Models. Have you seen the spring beauty trends? Go and get lost in the looks. Need a list of Best Spas? You’re welcome.

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