Glass Key Photo Robbed, Owner Says “They Spent Most of Their Time Clearing Our Clearance Section”


It wasn’t a good day for Glass Key Photo owners Matt Osbourne and Gordon Szeto but “[the robbers] didn’t know they were hitting up the dumb one that has film cameras.”

They “smashed in the front doors, and then smashed all our display cases and grabbed everything they could grab,” Osbourne tells SFist.

Located in the heart of San Francisco’s Lower Haight neighborhood Glass Key Photo is your destination for all things film, new and old. Whether you’re talking up the latest new films or snagging a famed root beer from their shop, the two have made a photo impacted on the Haight community.

The twist? While “every camera store in the city gets hit over and over,” according to Osbourne, Glass Key is a little different. They’re a film camera shop, which he suspects the robbers weren’t aware of.

Now, Osbourne and Szeto will reach out to other camera stores across the city to see if the thief or thieves attempt to resell their haul. But in the end, Osbourne says, it could have been far worse. “One of the things that was so ironic to me is we had a clearance sale going on, with stuff we were ready to drop off at a thrift store. They spent most of their time clearing that stuff out.”

Osbourne and Szeto are still surveying the damage and plan to remodel and recover from the break-in.


// Of course, one person has to ruin it for the rest of us. Donate to the store and see to its remodeling and restoration.

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