Go Organic Eats: Where To Get Your Leafy Greens In SF

Go Organic Eats: Where To Get Your Leafy Greens In SF

The era of self-care has arrived and with it comes the demand to look and feel virtuous. The need for a healthier lifestyle has necessitated along with the glamorization of organically grown foods. 

While San Francisco is known for its diversity and exceptional views, it doesn’t comprise the most striking farming reputation, being as it’s a city and all. However it does hold a collection of some of the most phenomenal restaurants that serve organically grown food right to your plate!

Ferry Building

The Ferry building is the place to be on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings. Farmers and locals come together to introduce a marvelous farmers market, which includes an assortment of fruits, vegetables and all kinds of fresh pressed juices.

// San Francisco Ferry Building, ferrybuildingmarketplace.com

Plant Cafe

If for some reason these days are missed, have no fear! Just a short walk down Pier 3 is a little spot called The Plant Café Organic. With its laid-back vibes and great food, it’s hard to go wrong when choosing an item off the menu. They have an array of breakfast, lunch and diner foods as well as vegan and gluten free options, which of course are all organic!

// Pier 3, The Embarcadero #108, theplantcafe.com

Crocker Galleria

The Crocker Galleria is another amazing food market located in the Financial District of San Francisco. Every Thursday there is a vast majority of baked goods as well as fresh produce to pick from in this convenient little alleyway.

// 50 Post St, FiDi, unionsquareshop.com

San Francisco Soup Company

San Francisco Soup Company is a popular soup café’s that lives in the center of the Galleria. Some of the finest locally and organically grown vegetables are tossed into a warm bowl of soup for your satisfaction. With countless flavors to pick from, this soup could be exactly what you need as a pick me up on one of these cold rainy workdays.

// 50 Post St, FiDi, sfsoupco.com

Roots Restaurant

Moving down to Union Square, you’ll find plenty of great locations for nibbles. Roots Restaurant is a personal favorite when it comes to organic breakfasts! The omelets here are packed with vitamins from organic spinach, mushrooms and peppers, so you know you’re getting a great head start on your day by stopping by and trying a bite.

// 466 Bush St, FiDi, theorchardgardenhotel.com


Polk Street is mainly known for its remarkable brunching spots, but if you’re looking for organic, look no further than Olea restaurant. With a mixture of freshly squeezed juices to sweet and salty courses, you will be in organic brunch heaven!

// 1494 California St, Tenderloin, oleasf.com

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