How To BBQ With A Billionaire: Mark Zuckerberg Backyard BBQ Tips


Dine with the 1% — Mark Zuckerberg decided to share the baby back rib love and spread his knowledge on the ultimate grilling experience.

Picked up by every news source because Facebook controls our lives, we all got front and center with Mr. Zuckerberg as he explained his secret to the perfect fall-off-the-bone ribs. He then jokingly (???) continues to explain how to grill like a billionaire… We aren’t making it up.

1. Go out and kill the animal yourself. “[the meal tastes] doubly better when you hunt an animal for yourself,” Zuckerberg notes. “You feel more connected to what you’re doing and what you’re eating and it’s this whole experience.”

2. Purchase some sweet cooking gear. “The green egg is great if you don’t want to spend a lot of time on it,” Zuckerberg notes.

3. Don’t be afraid to put your guests to work. After all, why do something yourself when you can just get someone else to do it? We see you Priscilla in the back.

4. Lastly, invent the world’s largest social media company. With those four easy steps, you too can grill like a billionaire. 

Want to know more of Zuckerberg’s grilling secrets? Watch the 32 minute FB live he did last Sunday. Now all he needs is a script.

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