Cinco De Mayo Guac Off: Where To Go To Get The Best Mole

Cinco De Mayo Guac Off: Where To Go To Get The Best Mole

Happy Cinco De Drink-o... We mean, Mayo. If you haven't already made drink plans, you'll need to fill up on some of SF's delish guac.


Since opening back in February, Glena's is the new "taco the town!" And while their tacos are simply delicious, we're here to get our avocado fix. Roughly mashed avocado with just the right amount of citrus — served with fried to order chips and three homemade salsas. Uncomplicated and fresh. // 632 20th Street, Dogpatch,



Queso fresco is sprinkled on top of this extra smooth guacamole served with three house made salsas, Padrecito is a hidden gem amongst the Cole Valley crowd. If you can get there before the crowd of unabashed Cinco De Mayo-ers, we suggest their chips on guac any time.  // 901 Cole Street, Cole Valley,


Gracias Madre

Gracias Madre's mission is love and oh do we LOVE their Guacamole con Totopos — Mashed avocado with cilantro, onion, chilies, and lime served with warm corn tortillas in a basket. We wouldn't even bat an eyelash at the crowd yelling and hollering tonight. // 2211 Mission Street, Mission,



This guacamole is deliciously smooth without skimping on fresh ingredients — lime and cilantro add bright flavor and is topped with crumbly cotija cheese. Made fresh might we add. Traditional Mexican dishes and flavors, sourced from family recipes that originated in Mexican states from The Gulf, to The Pacific, are not only the inspiration–they’ll be the rule. // 2030 Union Street, Cow Hollow,


West of Pecos

You'll come for their various styles of guac but stay for the Western meets Spanish decor strung about. Their chunky guacamole is served lightly with seasoned tortilla chips, it's so filling you could probably be good to go on this alone. Pro tip: They offer carrots instead of chips, for those with dietary restrictions. // 550 Valencia Street, Mission,


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