Honey & Lemon
A Tea To Fix All Problems

Remember when grandma always said, “Honey fixes everything” well she wasn’t lying. Honey has been the cure-all to this seasonal sickness floating around. We are gonna share with you something incredibly top secret, our Honey and Lemon recipe. …Sort of secret. Makin’ it organic, from scratch, and better yet not in a powder pack, keep reading to find out.

We recommend steeping your tea first with your leaf before anything. Set the ground base flavor and then add on the organic honey and lemon as your additives. When you mix the flavors, pour them both slowly with your spoon into the water creating a smooth melt into the tea. Your end result is a flavor that is savory but resonates a sweetness. Happy tea'ing.
Photographs by Jayce Park.
1 Organic Green Tea Leaf.
½ Cup of Hot Water
2 Tbsp of Rich Honey
1 Tbsp of Fresh Lemon Juice

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