In-N-Out Has Launched A New Menu Item... In Nearly A Decade

Don't hold the phone, this got hella real.

Actually made by Ghirardelli and priced accordingly at $1.65, this new addition to the menu isn't new nor ground breaking. In fact, we were told through a statement from a manager at the SF In-N-Out that the item has been on the menu since November.

In-N-Out has rarely made menu additions in its 70-year history. It serves only burgers, fries, milkshakes (in the ubiquitous flavors of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry), and fountain beverages. The last time it added a new menu item was around 15 years ago, when it began serving lemonade.

But hey, good news is that the beverage will be served at all chains, all year round and pro tip: cocoa will be available free of charge to kids under 12 on rainy days.

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