Insider’s Guide: 24 Hours in the Marina District


Known widely for it’s stable of yoga pants and overpriced smoothies, the Marina District has a distinct flavor that only certain Bay Area residents can sample.


The Bud Stop

While also being chic, homegrown, and very affordable, The Bud Stop has changed the game for florists San Francisco wide with their constantly rotating arrangements and selections. Whether you’re needing a perfect centerpiece or a bouquet of your dreams, let this fun French Persian staple be your first stop. // 2200 Union St,


Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters

Known for its Instagrammable wall moment, Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters is the perfect spot to impress a client, potential love interest, or a friend you haven’t seen in a while. They atmosphere is dripping in sophistication, so pinky’s up when sipping on their premium house blends. // 2271 Union St,


Rose’s Cafe

An outdoor situation that welcomes the warm seasons with open arms. Blood Mary’s, a signature breakfast pizza, and lounging like you’re in the heart of Florence, Italy. We suggest getting there as early as you can because brunch becomes one war-zone we’d rather best avoid. // 2298 Union St,



Dinner is served and there is no better way to spend it than sitting at Terzo’s communal tables as meals are sometimes shared. Whether you’re in the mood for a small meal or plates that really speak to “Family-Size”, make sure to get your fill in with their Ligurian Style Braised Chicken that literally falls off the bone. // 3011 Steiner St,



This London-born brand found it’s stomping grounds in one of San Francisco’s chicest districts. Catering to a batch of women, Negarin is certainly changing the stylesphere on Union St. You can best find the brand epitomizing their search for globally inspired, intellectual yet whimsical designs. // 2163 Union St,



The kind of mom and pop shop that’s run by an incredibly smart owner, Chelsea Moylan who’s master’s in criminology and sociology in 2012 influenced the shop’s mission to support emerging and established artisans of all crafts. One you may find is Elizabeth Street Cosmetics where she sells an exclusive Union st lipstick in collaboration with Anomie. It’s sickening, to say the least. // 2149 Union St,


Sloat Garden Center

As mentioned in our nurseries we love, are you a nursery newbie who wishes to be more in tune with their inner gardener? Sloat Garden Center tends to the newcomers who wish to get involved with their nursery community. Let the sound advice from the nursery employees light the spark into your future garden and go crazy for their vast selection. // 3237 Pierce St,


Seed + Salt

For those who dine vegan, this breakfast / brunch spot is the quaint cafe setting that’s perfect for a gluten-free Proyecto Diaz coffee and vegan Horchata Chia pudding. And for those aren’t willing to wait, getting a caviar delivered to your doorstep is quick and speedy. Scout’s honor. // 2240 Chestnut St,

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