Jenni Riccetti, Project Runway Alum and SF Designer That Sews For Everyday People Not Just The Glamorous Ones

Every season, we take a peek at the participants of Project Runway, hoping to see some talented folks representing the Bay Area.

Last year, during Season 15, 23-year-old Jenni Riccetti was one of two fashion designers from San Francisco who competed on the design challenge television show (the other was Alex Snyder). Out of 16 contestants, Riccetti placed 9th, and reminded the world that San Francisco has fashion to offer the people. We recently spoke with Jenni on her brand, Riccetti Clothing, San Francisco fashion, and what’s next for the designer.

BC: How did growing up in San Francisco influence your work? How would you describe SF fashion?

JR: Growing up in such a diverse city helped me see all kinds of culture and neighborhoods. I think growing up in an urban environment is why I have such a love for streetwear.

BC: Who is your customer? Who has rocked your clothes, and who would you like to see in your designs?

JR: My customer is essentially anyone who is into modern streetwear, who doesn’t mind stepping outside their comfort zone. I’ve designed for people such as Clyde Carson, Andre Nikatina, and local models. I would love to just have the everyday people rock my clothing, because that’s who i sew for.

BC: Do San Franciscans have style? Why do you think we get less shine than LA or NY?

JR: SF is not known for style. It’s a start up city; it has evolved around the tech industry. Style out here is lame, but there are gems in SF who are trendsetting, and being influenced from around the world. And NY and LA are fashion scenes; that’s just what they are known for.

Photo by Jorge Moreno Jr.

Photo by Jorge Moreno Jr.

I would love to just have the everyday people rock my clothing, because that’s who i sew for.
— Jenni Riccetti

BC: How would you describe Riccetti Clothing's aesthetic? How does street style play a role in your designs?

JR: Defiantly clean, modern, approachable, and hella street. Street style is what my designs embody.

BC: Real talk. Was participating in Project Runway worth it? Would you recommend it to other up and coming designers?

JR: I enjoyed it and made forever connections. After being on the show, it has been up to me to reach out for more opportunities. It takes a special someone to compete, and it isn’t for everyone.

BC: What's next for Riccetti Clothing?

JR: Going to be showing in more fashion weeks and filling more orders, hoping to grow. One day, have a storefront. I believe in what I am creating, and I have faith in my support/following.

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// Header image by Jorge Moreno Jr.

Photo by Jenni Riccetti/Facebook

Photo by Jenni Riccetti/Facebook

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