K-Beauty In The Bay Area + Your Guide To Trying, Buying, and Sampling

K-Beauty In The Bay Area and Your Guide To Trying, Buying, and Sampling

Face masks, snail serums, lip tattoos — the list goes on and on. If you haven’t caught the wave of innovative Korean skincare products yet, let this list be your starting point. Don’t go too crazy, the deals are scary good.

K-Pop Beauty // 1 Peace Plaza (West Mall)

Where famous k-beauty brand, Tony Moly, runs rampant. This novelty store is loaded with some of the best, and possibly questionable, beauty serums, brushes, and cosmetics as far as the eye can see. In conclusion, it’s dangerous to walk in without spending a dime, you’ve been warned. — yelp.com

Memebox in San Francisco

Memebox // Discount Retailer

If walking outside isn’t your cup of tea, why not have the latest and greatest delivered to your door. Memebox, based in SF, is filling the gap between you and attainable Korean skincare and cosmetics. With its incredibly low prices, Memebox is challenging competitors with their daily deals and constantly rotating selection of good. — memebox.com, ($10 - $100)

iBeauty Shop // Asian Beauty Retailer

Once stationed on Taraval, this plethora of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese beauty products shoves “cute” down on our throats. Ran by Eliza Chan, you can find her exploring the cute deals of the city and interacting with her customers daily. Shop the sale section often because your favorites are often found there. — ibeautyshop.net

Natural Wonder Beauty Concept // 2300 Clement Street

Tucked away on Clement, next to the original Gordo’s and a couple of other chic brunch spots, this hole-in-the-wall Asian beauty shop stocks the big guns. Think botox face sheets, Shu Uemura lifting eye creams, and more heavy duty concoctions. We recommend going early afternoon when traffic is minimal. — (415)-933-8999

K Beauty in SF

The Face Shop // 1 Peace Plaza

Where the fascination of K-Beauty products begins for most, where the wall to wall sheet masks either entices customers or scares them away. If you have a moment, chat it up with the knowledgeable staff. They’ll give you real advice for your very real skin - what serums to try, what essences are perfect for your skin type, and more! — japancentersf.com

K Beauty in SF

Dr. Althea // Pore Controlling Charcoal Mask

This is a mask that doesn’t play games. when we tried (forced) our lifestyle editor to try, she was skeptical — heck we still are. After a solid 15 minute massage onto the face, the mask became silky and left a refreshing bounce to the apple of the cheeks. No stickiness or residue. — ph.althea.kr, ($12 USD)

Dr. Jart // 33 Powell St

The pioneer that set the K-beauty scene on fire, Dr. Jart is a household name that is on our repeat-buy list. Creating creams and serums that are as gentle as water itself, Dr. Jart has won over the sensitive skin team with their Water Drop Hydrating Moisturizer. We’re not sorry if you fall in love instantly. — us.drjart.com, ($36)

Written by Anthony Rogers, styled by Danielle Wallis — Did we miss something from this list? Let us know! Need more beauty in SF? We’ve got a few suggestions.

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