Leave it to San Francisco to Find the Solution to the Keurig Pod 'Plastic Problem'

Leave it to San Francisco to Find the Solution to the Keurig Pod 'Plastic Problem'

Those cute, portable, chic plastic pods we pop into our Keurigs every morning, waiting till they empty to give us our much-needed caffeine fixes? Yea, they’re killing our planet.

Plastic's bad; plastic's the no-good villain Captain Planet would, in a theoretical Marvel-like universe, try to destroy through a series of high-budget films. No one is safe from the synthetic stuff, we can’t escape it’s omnipresence in our dialy lives—not even during our morning coffee routines.

And, if you have a Keurig (and by now, who doesn’t?), everytime you toss away that plastic, wallpaper-white cup, you’re putting something in a landfill that will be around longer than you.

But, thankfully, this may be a thing of the past thanks to an eco-chic rebel rousing startup in—you guessed it—SF.

San Francisco Bay Coffee Co. announced just before the new year that it will be releasing what they call the first "No Waste" single-use coffee pod, which can be processed at industrial compost facilities. The pods, certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute, are made of "plant-based renewable resources" including vegetable oil and starches. Once exposed to, say, rain water or soil, they’ll begin to work their way back into Mother Nature—sans plastic pollutants and other eronois synthetic chemicals.

John Rogers, San Francisco Bay Coffee Co.'s vice president of sales, said the company recognized the importance of making zero-waste products convenient for consumers. "If you have to go through multiple steps to separate materials in order to recycle a coffee pod, we know a lot of those will end up in the garbage," he said in a press release.

It’s time to green-up your morning coffee routine, gang—especially for the Keurig savvy among us.

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